Now warming up in the St. Louis bullpen, President Obama

On July 14, 2009, in Articles, Photos, by Baller-in-Chief

President Obama will be the first POTUS to throw out an All-Star toss since Gerald Ford in 1976 and fourth overall.

(From Yahoo Sports)

ST LOUIS — It’s taken almost half of his first year in office, but we’ll finally get the chance to check out President Obama’s delivery when he throws out the ceremonial first pitch for tonight’s MLB All-Star Game at Busch Stadium.

After a few warmup throws with a specially-designed glove embroidered with #44, the President will honor five volunteers from the “All-Stars Among Us” program and then take a Polaroid with six Cardinals who are in the Hall of Fame.

He’ll have his pitch caught by Cardinals star Albert Pujols (“It’s an honor,” Phat Albert said) and then he’ll retire to the FOX booth, where we all think it’d be funny if he pulled an Artie Lange as Joe Buck’s guest. (“I’m confident that won’t happen,” Buck told USA Today.)

Meanwhile, Obama will likely have to greet a line of players who’ll want a picture or the chance to share an Octavio Dotel-style hug. The eager group includes our own Curtis Granderson (notes), who says meeting the President will make his first All-Star appearance complete and Mets star David Wright(notes), who says he would talk about NCAA basketball with Obama instead of lowering taxes. Meanwhile, Buck should take the chance to talk about trickle-down economics, Obama’s presence reportedly allowed the network to up its ad rates for the game.

We’ll have plenty of coverage about Obama’s first foray into the land of Presidential first pitches — he’ll be the first POTUS to throw out an All-Star toss since Gerald Ford in 1976 and fourth overall — but for now, let’s have a healthy and spirited morning debate on a pressing matter of national importance.

Namely, what kind of cap should the President be wearing when he climbs the mound

There are a lot of choices out there, but true to the spirit of American democracy, let’s put it to a vote. Should Obama rep a specific team (White Sox or Cards), a monolith (the U.S. government or MLB) or just go with no cap at all? Like Sotomayor, you be the judge.

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